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  Real Estate Appraisal and Compliance Services

Haginas & Shillings offers a program for regulated financial institutions that ensures regulatory compliance, quality appraisals, and a cost savings.  In short – reliable appraisals, independent of loan production, at a cost equal or less than what you are currently paying.


We manage your appraisals through a centralized appraisal ordering and review system.  We serve as your bank’s “in-house” appraisal department and Chief Appraiser.

  • We strive to keep our clients out of regulatory trouble.

  • EASY to use web-based appraisal order submission using RIMS Software.

  • Best fees and delivery dates as obtained through a competitive bid process.

  • Electronic delivery of appraisals and invoices.

  • Web based appraisal storage and retrieval system.

  • Highly qualified and experienced review staff.

  • Guaranteed compliance with Interagency  Guidelines, SOP-50-10 (SBA) Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP)  and compliance with FIRREA.

  • Passes the tests of Bank Regulators and Examiners - Never have had an appraisal citation when using our service.

  • Faster deliveries,  fewer headaches and LOWER COSTS!

Our Vision

Our centralized ordering and review system was created in 1996 by Pete Haginas with the idea of providing lenders a service that blends regulatory compliance with our own appraisal expertise, ensuring cost efficiency, and reliable appraisals, independent of loan production.

We are a pioneer of this service currently serving as the Chief Appraiser to over 30 banks, and growing.

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